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AIMS API uses AI to mine catalogues of recorded music

The latest startup using artificial intelligence technology to make sense of large music catalogues is AIMS API, from the Czech Republic. The company describes itself as “an API service that searches and recommends music within your catalogue based on reference audio tracks”.

The startup’s background is in the production music world: co-founder Martin Nedvěd ran production music firm Studio Fontana for 15 years. “Production music has increased in quality in recent years to match and often surpass commercially released tracks. Now, the biggest problem for music-for-picture professionals is how to find the right track in an endless supply of music when time is always of the essence. We think we have a solution,” he said.

AIMS API is in a similar space to two startups that Music Ally recently profiled: Musiio and MyPart, with the latter also focusing specifically on AI-powered search using reference tracks.