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insideBIGDATA Latest News – 5/4/2020

On the Right Track: AIMS API Finds Similar Songs via AI Developed by Production Music Experts

Somewhere among those 100,000 tracks in your production music catalog is the right one for that TV, film, video, or game. Trouble is, you or your client have to find it. “It’s common for people to be surprised at what they have in their catalog,” says longtime production music professional Martin Nedvěd. “People can know a few thousand tracks at most, but never the entire catalog.”

The composers and production music experts at AIMS API set out to find tracks efficiently. They harnessed the power of machine learning to find the right music fast, using a reference track as a guide. And they did it from a perspective grounded in how the production music economy works.

AIMS API was built to eliminate these challenges. It recommends and discovers great music options for these professionals in ways that surpass manual search by tags. It can detect similarity quickly at a massive scale and captures the high level of nuance required to serve music supervisors and other sync teams. Its algorithms were trained specifically for production music, focusing the company’s efforts on surfacing results that fit briefs.

“Production music has increased in quality in recent years to match and often surpass commercially released tracks,” explains Nedvěd. “Now, the biggest problem for music-for-picture professionals is how to find the right track in an endless supply of music when time is always of the essence. We think we have a solution.”