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Why Music Tech Is On the Right Track With AIMS API

AIMS API is an AI tech company that uses machine learning to solve some of the problems in searching through large catalogs of music. Their technology takes the next step from the current way of searching with keywords and metadata. It allows you to do searches similarly to the way your brain identifies similarities in music.

By analyzing an audio track, the AIMS algorithm will find you more similar music in a given music catalog. This is extremely helpful for editors, music supervisors, and other creatives in the media industry. AIMS have used the technology to create tools that help music professionals, publishers, and record labels work smarter and faster than ever before

AIMS CEO and co-founder Martin Nedved joins me on Tech Talks Daily to share his tech startup story. Nedvěd knows the struggle firsthand. He spent fifteen years running Studio Fontana, the biggest production music sub-publisher serving clients around Central Europe and managing sub-publishing deals with partners around the world.

With AIMS business development lead Einar Helde, he shares how he founded an agency to collect neighboring rights royalties for production music performers and libraries in Europe. He’s also been running a production music catalog for nearly a decade.

Nedvěd also knows the challenges that rights holders and music teams face and how the pace of production has skyrocketed while budgets shrink. Music supervisors and library owners need to do a lot more with less, and this “more” often involves digging up the right music fast from catalogs with millions of tracks.

I also learn more about the recent collaboration with Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) which is integrating AIMS’ similarity search technology on all UPPM websites worldwide.

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